Membership Benefits

Apart from being a member of the national professional association for Lactation Consultants in New Zealand, benefits include:

  • Receive our electronic publication ‘Staying Abreast’ (hard copy on request on membership form);

  • The opportunity to attend our workshops, walking tours or conferences - where topics relevant to breastfeeding and human lactation are presented by national and international experts;

  • Networking opportunities with other IBCLCs, to share ideas, information, problems and solutions;

  • Being part of an organisation that has a strong breastfeeding advocacy role;

  • Professional expertise and representation in relation to submissions, strategic planning, consultation, new documents and other issues relating to Infant Feeding in New Zealand.


Membership is open to all IBCLCs.  Subscription is open to those who are not IBCLCs. Whilst not including all of the benefits of membership, subscribers will receive our newsletter Staying ABreast and regular emails about lactation-related matters. Subscription is suitable for those non-IBCLCs who are interested in supporting breastfeeding and the role of the IBCLC.


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